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Azzam Syawqi Aziz

Community Experience

Professional Experience

  • Software Engineer for Biznet Gio Cloud
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    • August 2019 to Present
    • RestKnot (Python) - A REST API for Knot DNS Server.
    • Improved the performance by introducing async communication using Kafka and reliability with multiple brokers.
    • Implemented DNS record validation to comply with RFC 1035.
    • Introduced deployment check by embedding VCS revision into the app using Docker Build Args.
    • Leveraged knowledge in streaming platform with Kafka Python Client. Orchestration with Ansible. Monitoring with Prometheus, and Grafana. Release automation with Github Action.
    • neo-obs (Python) - A CLI application to manage S3 compatible storage.
    • Implemented common S3 operations using Boto3 and admin feature for Cloudian storage using Python CloudianApi.
    • Ulog (Rust, Python, Javascript)
    • Implemented a universal logging tool that can be used from Rust, Python, and Javascript.
    • Leveraged knowledge in language binding to Rust using PyO3, and Neon. Argument parser using Clap.
    • Internal Services (Python, Rust)
    • Implemented internal applications integration to third-party services. Such as Oracle vCloud, Oracle Payment Interface, Stripe, and Midtrans.
    • Leveraged knowledge in Python web framework and its utilities using Flask, Marshmallow, and webargs. On the Rust side using Rocket, Diesel, and SQLX. Reverse proxy and SSL using NGIX and Let’s Encrypt.
  • Software Engineer Intern for Biznet Gio Cloud
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    • June 2018 to August 2018
    • neo-cli (Python) - Agnostic Orchestration Tools for Openstack.
    • Improved testing coverage with more unit and integration tests using OpenStack Python SDK, Pytest, and
    • Implemented smart login for OpenStack multi-region by storing user sessions using Python’s pickle.
    • Created user documentation and developer contributing guide using reStructuredText, Sphinx, and
    • Refactored the code-base to comply with clean code practice using Flake8.
    • Leveraged knowledge in packaging with setuptools and PyPi’s Twine. CI/CD with TravisCI.

Educational Experience

  • Computer Science at University of Brawijaya
    Malang, Indonesia
    • August 2015 to August 2019
    • B.S.E in Informatics Engineering. GPA: 3.63/4.0
    • Undergraduate Coursework: Data Structure & Algorithms, Operating Systems, Databases, Programming Languages, Comp. Architecture.

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