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Community Experience

Professional Experience

  • Software Engineer for Biznet Gio Cloud
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    • August 2019 to Present
    • neo-lts (Rust) - A microservice to manage S3 compatible storage.
    • Implemented user-level operations and admin feature for Ceph storage.
    • Leveraged knowledge in building microservice with async-graphql and axum, aws-sdk-s3 for S3-compatible storage, serde for REST API parsing, cynic for integration tests, and tokio-tracing for logging.
    • neo-app-platform (Rust) - A microservice to manage user-requested platform applications.
    • Implemented an orchestration module for the microservice to communicate with Jenkins.
    • Implemented manager module for the microservice to integrate with Kubernetes.
    • Leveraged knowledge in Kubernetes integration with and k8s-openapi, and thiserror for error handling.
    • OPI (Rust) - A microservice to integrate internal tools with a third-party payment gateway.
    • Implemented the integration to Oracle vCloud, Oracle Payment Interface, Stripe, and Midtrans.
    • Leveraged knowledge in Rocket for web framework, SQLx for database toolkit, and yaserde for XML parsing
    • RestKnot (Python) - A REST API for Knot DNS Server.
    • Improved the performance by introducing async communication using Kafka and reliability with multiple brokers.
    • Introduced deployment check by embedding VCS revision into the app using Docker Build Args.
    • Leveraged knowledge in streaming platform with Kafka Python Client. Orchestration with Ansible. Monitoring with Prometheus, and Grafana. Release automation with Github Action.
  • Software Engineer Intern for Biznet Gio Cloud
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    • June 2018 to August 2018
    • neo-cli (Python) - Agnostic Orchestration Tools for Openstack.
    • Improved testing coverage with more unit and integration tests using OpenStack Python SDK, Pytest, and
    • Implemented smart login for OpenStack multi-region by storing user sessions using Python’s pickle.
    • Created user documentation and developer contributing guide using reStructuredText, Sphinx, and
    • Refactored the code-base to comply with clean code practice using Flake8.
    • Leveraged knowledge in packaging with setuptools and PyPi’s Twine. CI/CD with TravisCI.

Educational Experience

  • Computer Science at University of Brawijaya
    Malang, Indonesia
    • August 2015 to August 2019
    • B.S.E in Informatics Engineering. GPA: 3.63/4.0
    • Undergraduate Coursework: Data Structure & Algorithms, Operating Systems, Databases, Programming Languages, Comp. Architecture.

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