Over the years, I have contributed, maintained, and created various projects.

Contributed #

  • RESTKnot (Python) - RESTKnot provide a high-level asynchronous API to existing Knot DNS server.

    ∞ maintainer since 2019

  • Scrapy (Python) - A fast high-level web crawling & scraping framework for Python.
    • Added more tests
    • Fixed failing CI
    • Refactored outdated practices
    • Joined an effort to avoid regression by upstream dependencies before a release
  • neo-cli (Python) - Agnostic Orchestration Tools for Openstack.

    ∞ maintainer since 2019

  • flask_accepts (Python) - Easy, opinionated Flask input/output handling mixing Marshmallow with flask-restx.
    • Add support for response enveloping
  • Pyvcloud (Python) - Python SDK for VMware vCloud Director.
    • Fix - disk list size
  • pyIslam (Python) - A library to calculate prayer times, hijri date, qiblah direction and more.
    • Refactor & Add packaging configs
  • python-whois (Python) - Retrieve WHOIS information of domains.
    • Add support for more domains
  • Elegant (Javascript) - A responsive, minimal, and stylish theme for Pelican.
    • add support for applause button
    • add ability to disable comments per page
    • add post_stats support
  • lisplang.github.io (Javascript) - Common Lisp homepage.
    • don't hardcode the current year
  • org-download (Elisp) - Drag and drop images to Emacs org-mode.
    • Add ability to delete image after download
    • Add ability to trim newline
  • super-save (Elisp) - Save Emacs buffers when they lose focus.
    • Add a feature to exclude specific buffer
  • Prelude (Elisp) - Prelude is an enhanced Emacs 24.4+ distribution that should make your experience with Emacs both more pleasant and more powerful.
    • Show numbers for company completion candidates
    • Other minor fixes
  • Loop Habit Tracker (Translation) - An Android app for creating and maintaining good habits.
    • Translated to bahasa Indonesia
  • Anuto (Translation) - Another ugly tower defense for Android.
    • Translated to bahasa Indonesia

Created #

  • digs (Rust) - A DNS command-line client that able to query many DNS servers at once.
  • islam (Rust) - An Islamic library featuring prayer times and hijri date for Rust.
  • neo-obs (Python) - A CLI application which aims to bring the ease of using S3 compatible storage directly from your terminal.
  • azzamsa.com (Javascript) - azzamsa personal blog.
  • scripts.el (Elisp) - A collection of tiny but useful Emacs Lisp code.
  • awesome-lisp-companies (Markdown) - Awesome Common Lisp and Scheme Companies.
  • Awesome-cl-software (Markdown) - List of awesome application software built with Common Lisp.

Finished #

Finished project, will not evolve anymore.

  • Bilal (Rust) - A CLI salah time that has configuration feature, small, fast, and just one single binary.
  • Zman (Rust) - A CLI time progress that small, fast, and just one single binary.
  • Lup Viewer and Lup Recorder (Python) - System for preventing plagiarism on student assignments with snapshotting and activity logging.
  • Py3s Salaah Time (Python) - Salaah Time for Py3status.
  • Py3s Year Progress (Python) - Year Progress in Py3status.
  • ASK Indonesian Wordlist (Python) - Indonesian Word List for AnySoftKeyboard.
  • ASK Indonesian LanguagePack (Java) - Indonesian Language Pack for AnySoftKeyboard.
  • pomoshoro (Bash) - Simple pomodoro script to boost focus and productivity.
  • diego (HTML, CSS) - A clean, fast and responsive theme for Pelican.
  • template-tugasakhir-latex (LaTeX) - A collection of LaTeX templates for college assignments.
  • Emacs Salah Time (Elisp) - Display the salah time in Emacs.
  • filkom-app-list (Markdown) - Libre Software Application list for FILKOM Brawijaya class.
  • Gntr Wiki (Markdown) - Unofficial gontor wiki
  • Lisp-logo (SVG) - The svg version of Manfred Spiller's lizard lisp web-badge logo.