Actively Maintained #

Looking for Maintainers #

Finished #

Finished project, will not evolve anymore.

Deprecated/Abandoned #

I don’t use nor maintain them anymore. Please don’t use them. It just for historical purpose.

Contributions to other projects #

  • RESTKnot - REST API for Knot DNS.

    ∞ author of the project

  • neo-obs - All object storage force in terminal.

    ∞ author of the project

  • neo-cli - Agnostic Orchestration Tools for Openstack.

    ∞ maintainer of the project

  • Elegant - A responsive, minimal, and stylish theme for Pelican.
    • add support for applause button
    • add ability to disable comments per page
    • add post_stats support
  • Flask Accept - Easy, opinionated Flask input/output handling mixing Marshmallow
    with flask-restx.
    • Add support for response enveloping
  • Pyvcloud - Python SDK for VMware vCloud Director.
    • Fix - disk list size
  • python-whois - Retrieve WHOIS information of domains.
    • Add support for more domains
  • org-download - Drag and drop images to Emacs org-mode.
    • Add ability to delete image after download
    • Add ability to trim newline
  • super-save - Save Emacs buffers when they lose focus.
    • Add a feature to exclude specific buffer
  • Prelude - Prelude is an enhanced Emacs 24.4+ distribution that should make your experience
    with Emacs both more pleasant and more powerful.
    • Show numbers for company completion candidates
    • Other minor fixes
  • pyIslam - a library to calculate prayer times, hijri date, qiblah direction and more.
    • Refactor & Add packaging configs

Documentation #

Translation #

  • Loop Habit Tracker - Loop Habit Tracker, an Android app for creating and maintaining good habits.
  • Anuto - Another ugly tower defense for Android.

Hacks #

Special hack to fill special need (unmerged upstream).

  • Elegant - A responsive, minimal, and stylish theme for Pelican.
    • add theme translation
    • add language selection
    • add favourite page
  • Crux - A Collection of
    Ridiculously Useful eXtensions for Emacs.
    • Fix kill-other-buffers to kill everythings (including dired buffers)
  • Chronos - Multiple
    simultaneous countdown / countup timers in Emacs.
    • Fix multiple arguments in espeak
    • Fix espeak. Use espeak-ng instead
    • Fix dunstify. Use notify-send instead
  • saka-key -
    A keyboard interface to the web.
    • Add ability to copy current url and title as org mode
  • pelican-mode -
    Emacs minor mode for editing articles and pages in Pelican sites.
    • Add make github