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Sometimes we need to ask someone for advice over email. The hardest part is when the email address is not available on his/her blog/about page/social media sites.

Asking their email address sometimes bother their valuable time. So my ways are:

Usual ways:

  1. their blog about page, and social media profile.

Unusual ways:

  1. Talks slides
  2. Mailing list
  3. Github commit

Using Github Commit To Find The Programmer's Email Address

Go to certain commit, e.g

Then append .patch at the end of the link`
^^^^^ <--

You will find the email address there. For people that didn't want to show the email, it will be overridden by "no-reply@github" email address.

Warning: This way is not for you to troll or spam people around. This is intended so you do not disturb them by asking for his email address.