About Me


My name is Azzam Syawqi Aziz. I was born in Madura island, Indonesia, but I’ve been continually moving to a different place to seek knowledge since I was 13 years old.

I love learning Computer Science stuff. I love solving hard problems to make people live happily, creating various things and sharing about it. The most exciting role is being part of Free Software ecosystem. Contribution to me like the breath of life, I’ve contributed to various Libre Software projects. I am excited to share and discuss about it, yes anywhere !

Apart from Computer Science, I love to make what I call ‘life templates’. I am learning how to life (learn, think, manage time, money, etc) efficiently. At the same time I am exploring the goal of life. This is what I call ‘straight path algorithm’.


For more professional details – check out my complete CV or the short one


You can ask me in my AMA if you feel our discussion will be useful for others. For private things, use email . This is my public key 0xE33DCFB65BE2BB6A if you concern about security and privacy.