Sometimes we need to ask someone for advice over email. The hardest part is when the email address is not available in his/her blog/about page/social media sites.

Asking their email address sometimes bother their valuable times. So my ways are:

Usual ways:

  • their blog about page, social media profile.

Unusual ways:

  • Talks slides
  • Mailing list
  • Github commit

    • go to certain commit .e.g”

    • then append “path” at the end .e.g”

      You will find the email address there. For people that didn’t want to show the email, it will be overridden by “no-reply@github” email address.


This way is not for you to troll/spam people around. This intended for you not to disturb them by asking his email address.


So what do you think ? Leave your comments below.