It’s very rare to find a system design explanations of a certain company that presented towards a beginner. So all Reddit architecture explanation from Steve Huffman that presented in Udacity was indeed gold for me.

Sadly I can’t find it anywhere. The only thing I found is this complaint in HackerNews and CS 253 Miror in Google Sites. I am very happy to find the mirror. But sadly it didn’t contain all the materials. Finding it throughout the official Udacity site is impossible, cause all the link to CS 253 was redirected to its homepage. Even it’s available on youtube, there is no playlist for it, so it’s scattered all the way around.


Suddenly I found one of my favorite programmer in the Udacity course, Peter Norvig. Then I look into the URL, there was a pattern:

Course 253 still in my mind, cause I’m curiously want to skim all the contents. So I try to change the URL to:

AHA!, all the old CS 253 course are still there, but the link is hidden. Quickly I download all the videos to keep it locally :). I read the license of udacity video is CC Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0. So I might upload those videos to in case the “hidden” link was taken down completely.

PS: you can take “Intro to Backend” course but some material from CS253 is missing.


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